We currently offer the following delivery option:

DPDgroup - DPDgroup is the international parcel delivery network bringing together DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and BRT.

Orders placed and paid before 12.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) will be processed the same day and dispatched as per your chosen freight option.

We can ship to:

Country Delivery times
Czechia 1 day
Slovakia 1-2 days
Hungary 2 days
Germany 2 days
Poland 2 days
Austria 2-3 days
Belgium 2 days
Denmark 3 days
Estonia 3-4 days
France 3-4 days
Italy 3-5 days
Latvia 3-4 days
Liechtenstein 4 days
Lithuania 3-4 days
Luxembourg 2 days
Netherlands 2 days
Slovenia 2-3 days
Switzerland 3-4 days
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland   5-6 days
Croatia 2-7 days
Ireland 4 days
Portugal 3-4 days
Spain 3-4 days
Sweden 3-4 days
Ukraine 4-7 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina 4-8 days
Bulgaria 3-5 days
Finland 4-5 days
Norway 4-6 days
Romania 2-4 days
Greece 4-6 days
Serbia 4-8 days


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